ForgeJS Samples

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# name description
1 Simpliest project It is the simpliest possible project : a very tiny webpage, a tiny configuration, and only one image to display. This is an example of the minimum required to run a project.
2 Littleplanet view The previous project, with a different view, the little planet one. This project uses the GoPro view that is between a rectilinear and a little planet effect depending on your zoom factor.
3 Multiple scenes A simple example showing how to navigate through scenes.
4 Simple video A very simple example with a video playing.
5 Multiple locales Using the LocaleSelector plugin, it is possible to switch between the multiple locales present in this project.
6 Changing the view Change the view in realtime, going to Rectilinear to Little Planet, without stopping the playing video and without changing the orientation of the camera.
7 Special effects Apply a special effect on a scene, and toggle it to view how it affects the scene.
8 Audio playlists Using playlists, it's possible to apply a background sound track to each scene.
9 Ambisonics Using first-order ambisonics into a scene.
10 Director's cut Change the orientation of the camera in realtime according to waypoints.
11 MPEG-DASH videos Video player based on MPEG-DASH streaming technology.
12 Hotspots Add hotspots to a scene.
13 Hotspots with actions Add actions to hotspots.
14 Animated hotspots Apply animation transformations to hotspots.
15 Hotspots with spatialized sounds Add hotspots with spatialized sounds to a scene.
16 Camera limitation Apply direction and limits to the orientation and the field of view of the camera.
17 Camera parallax Apply a camera parallax effect on the hotspots layer.
18 Video controls Plugin to allow users to have full control of the video player through buttons and widgets.
19 Thumbnail bar A plugin allows to add a bar at the bottom of the screen, containing thumbnails relative of each scene.
20 VR The hotspots with actions simplified sample with a button to switch to VR mode.
Works only on WebVR compatible devices / browsers.
21 Hotspots geometry Add hotspots with 3D geometries such as a sphere or a box.

ForgeJS Projects

These are bigger projects.

# name description
1 Vrrroom This is the project that has been presented at the IVRPA 2016 in Quebec.